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TEM Sports

TEM Sports is a Bangladeshi sports management company that has been working on various sports tournaments in Bangladesh since 2015. The TEM’s main goal and objective is to modernize sports and make the work enjoyable for the spectators.

The TEM carries out all kinds of quality work from organizing all kinds of sports events in Bangladesh, such as Tournament Event Planning, Organizing Sports PR, Sports Branding, Sports Operations, Live Telecasts on Satellite TV channels as well as Digital Platform, Sports Promotional, Tournament Opening and Closing events and many more activities which is related to sports.

TEM Sports service with Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton and many others games which are related to Olympic events. The main objective of the TEM is to give a touch of modernity to the sports of Bangladesh and increase its acceptability to the people and to make all sports discipline of Bangladesh popularity with the touch of modernity.